Review and Testimonials

I wanted to find a new masseur and found a "keeper." I'm a stressed out professional and enjoy occasional massage. David gave me an excellent deep tissue massage.

David is a friendly, intelligent and incredibly talented masseur! 

From the moment I arrived he made me feel comfortable. I was a little shy at first cause he is really handsome . 

About the massage, it was an experience I will not forget, really unique. I enjoyed every second of it and can't wait to do it all over again. 

David does his job with passion and he was putting all his attention on me,he is a master with his hands .

He uses long, deep, steady strokes that made my lower back pain disappear. He worked every muscle in my body and got to every knot that I had. I barely remember last time I had been treated like that at a high end spa.

His house is in a nice area and the place was "ultra" clean and comfortable. 

Would I return? David has a great attitude and positive energy. I'll definitely return without any doubt and I will be booking again for next week! 

Last but not least, his financial ask is more than reasonable for the top service you receive .